We love nothing more than fresh, expertly-crafted loose leaf tea, which is the only kind of tea we offer our customers.
— Townshend's Tea Company


All teas available in half pound and one pound loose leaf bags.

assam townshends office Portland

Assam | no.3

A robust and malty Irish Breakfast. Well-ground leaves add to the strength of the cup. Add a little milk and honey and you're in for a real treat. Seriously

Black Tea

    darjeeling tea office coffee tea portland or

    darjeeling | no.4

    Picked in late spring, this is a great introduction to Darjeeling teas. Lighter than most black teas, with a slightly floral aroma and a subtle, spicy aftertaste of peppers or tomato leaf.

    Black Tea

    earl grey townshends tea office supply portland or

    earl grey | no.14

    The very best classic Earl Grey we've come upon. The perfect level of bergamot oil added to a very fine Chinese orange pekoe. A daily drink. Decaf available.

    Black Tea

    english breakfast townshends Office Service Portland Or

    english breakfast | no.1

    The classic blend of long-leaf Ceylon and Assam teas. A nice daily cup that stands well on its own or with milk and sugar. We also offer a decaf English Breakfast.

    Black Tea

    gunpowder townshends Tea Office Coffee Portland

    gunpowder | no.32

    Classic rolled small-leaf green tea from China. A great everyday tea providing vitamins and anti-oxidants. This tea has a smooth, mildly smoky flavor without the grassy tones of other green tea.

    Green Tea

    matcha green tea office delivery portland or

    matcha | no.37

    This bright-green drink has a sweet-vegetal flavor and contains a high concentration of vitamins as well as caffeine. Also makes a delicious latte or addition to smoothies!

    Green Tea

    Jasmine Silver Tip townshends Office Coffee Portland OR

    silver tip jasmine | no.26

    Delicate green tea with a natural sweetness that is enhanced by the subtle aroma of exotic Jasmine flowers. Seriously delicious hot or iced.

      Green Tea

      moroccan mint townshends Office Coffee Portland OR

      moroccan mint | No.25

      Gunpowder green tea blended with a generous amount of Moroccan spearmint. This traditional tea is often served in Morroco and other parts of Aftrica with sugar. 

      Green Tea

      townshends chai Office Coffee Portland OR

      masala chai | no.49

      A classic recipe consisting of black tea, cinnamon, ginger and cardamom. A little spicy, a little sweet.


      chamomile townshends office coffee portland

      Chamomile | no.82

      A soothing tea from Egypt made from sweet chamomile blossoms. A mild honey-apple aroma gives the flavor of this tea a pleasant accent.

      Herbal Infusion

      lavender sunset office service portland or

      Lavender Sunset | no.80

      A soothing blend of lavender flowers, wild blackberry, strawberry, and raspberry leaves, rose flowers, orange peels, sunflower blossoms and salvia leaves.

      Herbal Infusion

      peppermint townshends office coffee service portland or

      Peppermint | no.79

      Grown here in the U.S. and simply the best peppermint tea we've found. Bright and refreshing with a scent that rings strong and clear. Great hot or iced.

      Herbal Infusion

      superberry townshends office coffee portland or

      superberry | no.76

      Wild herbal infusion containing copious amounts of vitamin C. Blend of elderberries, currants, rose hips and hibiscus. A flavor-bonanza. Also highly recommended as an iced tea.

      Herbal Infusion

      townshends office service portland or

      Vanilla rooibos | no.66

      Our original organic South African rooibos mixed with a generous amount of fresh chopped vanilla bean. Great with a pastry, and also popular as a latte

      Herbal Infusion


      YERBA MÁTE | no.60

      The traditional Argentinean drink. The earthy flavor and stimulating properties of this brew can become a healthy addiction. This yerba máte is unsmoked and has a fresher, grassier flavor than many other brands.


      wuyi mountain townshends office service

      wuyi mountain | no.48

      Spring harvest leaf that is allowed to oxidize to around 40% before it is baked 200º for 3 hours. The resulting cup yields a unique smoky, earthy taste.


      Milk-Oolong townshend office coffee portland or

      milk oolong

      This tea is the exemplification of craftsmanship in the tea world. During the processing phase, the tea is oxidized in a cooled room and then flash-steamed right before drying, creating a mysteriously creamy vanilla flavor layered with light, floral notes. A must-try for those whole like all things unique.


      townshends white peony office service

      white peony | No.42

      A.K.A. Pai Mu Tan. A special tea, extraordinarily fresh tasting with a delicate, sweet, and refreshing appeal. Loaded with vitamin C and antioxidants.

      White Tea

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