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We like our kombucha pure, raw, and with a healthy zing, just like it is when you make it at home.
— Oregonic Tonic

kombucha flavors

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Green Tea

It's the tender balancing act of fresh, earthy Chunmee green tea and light sweetness that makes this brew blissfully unique. The flavor of the fresh kombucha was just so lovely that we simply couldn't serve it any other way—so come straight to the source and fill your growlers up at our shop.

Made with Chunmee green tea, evaporated cane juice, and live kombucha SCOBY

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This brew is a 1-2 punch: first the sassy tartness of our green tea kombucha, then the fiery tingle of fresh ginger juice. Great for everything from a morning wake-up call to the remedy for an unhappy tummy. Made with fresh home-juiced ginger.

Made with chunmee green tea, evaporated cane juice, ginger, and live kombucha SCOBY.

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Lemon honey Cayenne

At first sip, the fresh lemon is cool to the tongue. A hint of honey sweetens the kombucha pucker to perfection. You think "But, where's the cayenne?" as you swallow your thirsty gulp, and that's when things start warming up a little. The cayenne makes a quiet entrance at first, but as you keep drinking, you'll be hooked to the tingling heat and the refreshing relief of the next mouthful.

Made with lemon black tea, lemon juice, evaporated cane juice, Bee Local Oregon Desert honey, and live kombucha SCOBY

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White Peach

It smells like freshly sliced peaches and tastes like
lounging in the shade on a sunny afternoon. It is summer in a bottle
(in the winter we drink it to remind ourselves that the sun exists).

Made with peach white tea, evaporated cane juice, 
and live kombucha SCOBY

blood orange kombucha office delivery

hibiscus blood orange

Seasonal Spring/Summer Flavor

Bright and refreshing, our newest flavor is not so sweetly tropical
as it sounds. The blood orange's citrusy tartness is bold, almost overtaking the hint of soft hibiscus nectar... but not entirely.

Made with hibiscus black tea, blood orange tea, 
evaporated cane juice, and live kombucha SCOBY

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Cranberry Honey

Seasonal Autumn/Winter flavor

Everyone knows how good cranberry juice is for you, why not combine it with another super healthy beverage like kombucha? The tart pucker of cranberry and kombucha is pleasantly balanced out by the bottom note of smooth, sweet honey. Even better, we make this flavor with Starvation Alley local harvest, cold-pressed, unsweetened cranberry juice.

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Seasonal Autumn/Winter flavor

With Autumn here, the Chaibucha has become our fans' seasonal flavor of choice. Each sip is a rich, complex parade of spices across the tongue, helped along by the perfect promenade of bubbles. Lightly sweet but never syrupy.
Pair with: crunchy leaves, crisp mornings, fireplaces.

Made with masala chai tea, evaporated cane juice,
and live kombucha SCOBY


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