A smooth, balanced & full-bodied iced coffee,
meticulously brewed in small batches with our signature Full Cycle blend.
— nossa familia coffee

Nossa familia iced coffee on tap

All in the family

Each keg is brewed with our signature Full Cycle coffee, a blend comprised of half Brazilian beans from our family's farms, and half through other direct-trade family farmer relationships.


Enjoy our iced coffee bold & black, straight from the tap, or with ice. Add a touch of cream or sugar and give it a stir. 


Each keg of our small-batch brewed iced coffee is handcrafted using a Japanese-style method of iced coffee. We brew it hot and flash chill the coffee to lock in its bright, refreshing and aromatic flavors. We keg the coffee immediately to preserve freshness.

Ingredients: Water & Filtered Coffee

B corp coffee

Nossa Familia Coffee prides itself on being one of the friendliest and most approachable roasters in Portland (and the first certified B Corp roaster in Oregon!), with a strong focus on building relationships among farmers, employees, and customers.