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Laird Superfood
Office Service

With Belmont, get our renowned break room service, delicious local roasters, Laird Superfood, and more.

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What is Laird Superfood?

Laird Superfood Creamers are a clean, all-natural way to take your coffee or tea to the next level. Thanks to the naturally occurring full range of MCTs, these creamers help boost your energy better than coffee or tea alone. Free from artificial additives, flavors, colors, and synthetics, these delicious blends of superfoods were combined to help you get more out of your morning beverage. 

Above all, they’re delicious.

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What to expect with Belmont Coffee Service.


Highest-Rated Service in Portland

We work hard for our 5/5 Google rating!

Easy Switch

We designed a simple process that prevents any lapses in coffee service when you switch to Belmont + Laird Superfood.

Ethically-Sourced Coffee

Be proud of your office coffee. Every coffee comes to us via Fair, Direct, or Relationship Trade.

Free Equipment

Belmont provides free cafe quality brewing equipment for offices of 35 people or more.

No Contracts

Relationships over contracts. Just enjoy the coffee + Laird Superfood.

Fast Support

We're known for our customer service. Expect any issue to be addressed within 24 hours.

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Perfect for the break room.

The break room is meant to re-energize the team—not cause sugar spikes and crashes. To solve this, naturally, we partnered with Laird Superfood.

Whether you want a bean-to-cup experience, or an easy way to add Laird Superfood to your coffee—Belmont’s got you covered.

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Let’s get started.

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We’re the Client Services team here at Belmont.
We look forward to elevating your break room experience.

Send us a few details and we’ll be within the next 3 business hours.

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We respect your privacy. Zero spam. Information collected is for providing your coffee service quote only. We will not disclose your personal information to a third party.

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