April • Upper Left Roasters


We've got another exciting one this month: Upper Left coming to your office!

upper left office service

Blend: Upper Left Drip Blend

Tasting Notes: Cane Sugar & Pear
Comprised of Brazil, Colombia, and Peru coffees that work well together no matter how you like your coffee. 

Single-Origin: Paisa Colombia

Tasting Notes: Dark Chocolate & Raisin
Washed processing. Of the Caturra, Castiollo, and Yellow Bourbon varieties.


meet Upper Left Roasters

Who better to thaw out the Winter than with Upper Left Roasters? If you haven't dropped by their sunlit cafe tucked away on the cutest corner you ever did see, then now's the time. Seriously. We'll let a photo do the talking.

Back in 2015, Upper Left entered the vibrant coffee scene here in Portland, Oregon. Their aim to create a neighborhood meeting space for the Ladd's Addition quickly spread well beyond the neighborhood. You'll now find the feeling of community in a beautiful space that has a calm buzz to it. Highly recommended for creative deadlines or meeting up with a new friend. 

And while you're there, you can't go wrong with whatever's on drip or having the barista whip something up. They take their coffee seriously. And for the curious, you can peek over at their roaster. As the coffee you're drinking is being roasted about 20 feet away from your table!

See you at Upper Left.