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Thornton Coffee coming to your office!

"Our mission at Thornton Family Coffee Roasters is to share our experience with coffee lovers in the city we love in the form of a fantastic cup of coffee."

-Thornton Family Coffee Roasters

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Single Origin: Rwanda Gashonga

Tasting Notes: Peach, orange, grapefruit

A good afternoon pick-me-up. Enjoy this when your tastebuds are fully awake. Thornton brings us this coffee through the Rwanda Project—helping improve the livelihood of low-income farmers. You can learn more about the Rwanda Project here.

Blend: Dad's Blend

Tasting Notes: Cherry, apricot, lime sweeteness

We've been loving this one first thing in the morning. Be careful, it just might become your daily staple. Thornton has clearly crafted a perfectly balanced cup.



Thornton Family
Coffee Roasters


When 35 years of specialty coffee experience goes into crafting a cup--you know it's gonna be special. That's what Paul Thornton and his family have created. And us fellow Portlanders get to simply enjoy it.

A few weeks ago, we asked Paul Thornton to hang out with us at Belmont HQ. He not only brought incredible coffee--he brought stories from his years of sourcing coffee from all over the world. And it makes for a unique experience when sipping coffee while hearing stories of a small tucked-away coffee farm on the border of Columbia. You become acutely aware of the drink in your hand and the experts behind creating it.

Thornton Family Coffee Roasters is arguably one of the most experienced wholesale roasters in the country. The long list of contributions and awards in the specialty coffee world make that quite clear. Really. Paul Thornton is the Former President of Specialty Coffee Association, founder of the Roasters Guild, a renowned coffee Roastmaster, a Licensed Q Grader, and has 25 awards to his name. Meaning, you're in for a meticulously crafted cup of coffee.

While sipping Thornton coffee this month in your office, take a moment to reflect on the decades of experience that went into the coffee you hold in your hands.

Chris, Rachel, & Paul of Thornton Family Coffee Roasters

Chris, Rachel, & Paul of Thornton Family Coffee Roasters


Worth Knowing: 
Thornton Purchasing Practices

Something that really stands out to us here at Belmont Coffee Service is the effort Thornton Family Coffee Roasters puts into their sourcing of green coffee.

Thornton only purchases green coffee from producers, importers, and farms that show clear effort towards sustainability. Standing by this, Thornton has a 100% transparent supply chain. Purchasing certified and directly traded coffee goes further than you might think.

Coffee is a global community, and it's efforts like Thornton's that allows people in the coffee farming community to improve their lives through creating high-quality, sustainable coffee.

And to someone like the Thornton family, these coffee farms are not some distant forgotten place. These are people, farms and communities they know firsthand.

Coffee at Home

After a featured roaster rolls through your office, we often get asked where to buy coffee for your home. With Thornton Family Coffee Roasters, shop here.


If you're looking for good coffee in Beaverton, Thornton is where you go. They have a walk-up window directly attached to their coffee lab. Grab espresso drinks and fresh drip coffee.

Rwanda Project

If you’re interested in learning more about Thornton’s partnership with the Rwanda Project and about the livelihood of coffee farmers, here’s a few links worth checking out:

  1. Relationship Coffee Institute | Rwanda Project

  2. How Cooperatives, Training and a Unique Partnership Is Changing Coffee and the Lives of Coffee Farmers in Rwanda Coffee in the Office

  3. Rwanda Project Short Film

  4. Sustainable Growers

Want Thornton Family Coffee for your Portland office coffee service? Drop a line below or click here.

-Belmont Coffee Service