November • Roseline Coffee


Roseline coffee in portland offices!

Roseline makes great coffee. That's simple to say, harder to do. Roseline does it.


This month we're delivering these two delicious roasts to your office.

Single Origin: Kanzu

Tasting Notes: Plum, Caramel & Raw Sugar. We particularly loved this one in the late morning/early afternoon. 

Blend: Oro

Tasting Notes: Chocolate, Raisin & Cola
This blend is made of 60% El Salvador-Las Delicias and 40% Uganda-Sipi Falls. This one makes you feel like what-a-way-to-start-the-day!


Meet Roseline

Before a Roseline branded-cafe (COMING 2018!) Roseline coffee was an elusive coffee on the scene. The sort of coffee you found when wandering into a cafe, grabbed a cup, took a sip, and with eyebrows raised asked, "Who makes this coffee?" That's the time you first hear the word "Roseline." 

Then you look at the elegant bag and that golden shine of the rose emblem, and that's the first time you take a bag of Roseline coffee home. And now, Roseline comes to your office! 

roseline coffee

Roseline's Origins and Aim

Roseline was officially founded April 2012, conceived of in fall 2011 in founder Paul Benschoter's garage which was being used as an artist's studio at the time. The very same artist who created the rose emblem and cursive logo, Blakely Dadson/Lord Blakely.

Roseline’s focus was and continues to be quality "clean" single origin lots of coffee, as well as reimagining blends to use same high quality, fresh crop single origin coffees.

One thing that creates a unique Roseline coffee is their commitment to buying coffees based on the team consensus from blind cuppings, not based on price lists from importers. You'll also find Roseline has a strong commitment to the local and broader coffee community. They believe in collaborating and knowledge sharing (an open-source approach to coffee).

Cafes Serving Roseline

1. Prince Coffee

Prince Coffee has two locations: 2030 N Willis Blvd & 4523 NE Fremont Street. Check them out. It's worth it.

society hotel cafe portland

3. Roseline Cafe (Coming 2018)

And we're all excited about that one!

Want Roseline in your office? Drop a line below or click here.