March • Dapper & Wise Office Delivery!


Dapper & Wise all March long.

This month we're delivering these two delicious Dapper & Wise roasts to your office.

Highbrow Blend dapper & wise portland office

Blend: Highbrow Blend

Tasting Notes: Dark chocolate, walnut, cola

dapper & wise belmont portland office

Single Origin: Ethiopia Shantawene

Tasting Notes: Apricot and strawberry tart.



Meet Dapper & Wise Coffee Roasters

If you run into someone from Dapper & Wise, you're in for a good time. Not only are they producing high-quality, memorable sips of coffee. They're also producing happy employees. And that's quickly noticable.

Dapper & Wise Office delivery

Neat Things About Dapper & Wise

Dapper & Wise has a way of doing things that turns something as common as coffee into something a bit more.

Dapper & Wise started roasting in July 2013, which was born out of the desire to be a part of Coffee on a deeper level. The owners, Evan Aldrete + Tyler Geel had been cafe owners for six years and wanted a bigger role in developing the flavor of the coffee they were roasting as well a deeper relationship with the farmers who grow the coffee. Five years later, Dapper & Wise has grown immensely but the simple and genuine desire to do more, better hasn't changed at all. 

In fact, Dapper & Wise was awarded residency at La Marzocco Cafe in Seattle this December. Although the name La Marzocco might not mean much outside of the coffee community, Dapper & Wise was selected as one of 18 coffee roasters in the world to have their coffee and vision brought to life in their space. The theme is collaboration because as D&W says, "we think the whole stinkin' world is made better when people bring their skills together." 

Dapper & Wise outside of your office (Cafes!)

1. Dapper & Wise | Southeast Division

3158 SE Division St. Portland, OR 97214

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2. Coffee Lab

Located at 2384 NW Amberbrook Dr. Beaverton, OR

dapper and wise beaverton


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