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If you're already a Belmont client, it can't get any simpler to join the Rotating Roaster program. Just request to switch to Rotating Roasters and we'll take it from there.

Not a current Belmont client? Pleased to meet you. Just click here to get started. 



What's the difference between a blend and a single-origin coffee?

A blend is made of coffee beans mixed together from different coffee growing regions. A single-origin is coffee from one region, and sometimes even one farm. Single-origins really showcase the flavor possibilities of coffee. Roasters are are always on the search for remarkable single-origins for this reason. Which is also why they'd love to share their best finds with you.


Who are some of the roasters you've used in the past?

To name few: Roseline Coffee Roasters, Upper Left, Dapper & Wise, Meta Coffee Lab, Stumptown, Heart, Sterling, Caravan, and more!







Can I rotate just one of the featured coffees?

Sure! Most offices like to have two coffees at their offices. If you'd like to choose a set "house coffee," and rotate the other monthly, that's no problem at all.

Just let us know if you'd like to receive the blend or the single-origin option.




How are the coffees picked?

We try a lot of coffees--a lot! When we work with the Featured Roaster, we aim for two things:

  1. Which two of their coffees will be the favorites with our clients.

  2. Which of their coffees best introduce people to their style of roasting and practices.

From there, we try a bunch of coffees with the roaster. Then we select two.

What if we decide we no longer want to rotate?

Just let us know you want to discontinue. Please allow two weeks for it to take effect. This allows us and the roaster to make sure too much coffee isn't roasted or wasted.