How Much Does Office Coffee Service Cost?

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If you’re on the search for office coffee service, one of the first questions we often get asked is “How much does office coffee service cost?” 

Though, the answer isn’t as simple as a price tag, we’ll do our best here to give you a ballpark figure and some guidelines on how office coffee service pricing works in general. The goal of this post is to help with your search so you can ultimately make a decision you trust is right for your team.

After just searching coffee service websites, we’re sure you’re also asking, “Do I really have to request a quote from a half a dozen services, speak to that many salespeople—some of which are incredibly helpful, others a huge time sink—just to get pricing!?” 

That doesn’t sound like fun to us either. So, before you jump into that, let’s give you a foundation to work from.


“It is such a pleasure to do business with a company that actually cares about exceptional customer service.”

—Stacey Wittke, Office Manager

What’s the Deal with Office Coffee Pricing?

First things first: It’s important to know office coffee service is extremely customizable. And with anything customizable, the price range varies quite a bit. It’s sort of like asking how much it costs to shop at a grocery store. And depending on the options you choose, it can make a big impact on your daily life. This is true for office coffee services.

Considering the people in your office start every work day with a cup of coffee from their breakroom, many office managers comb through a lot of options and feel a pressure to get it right the first time.

So, where to start? The goal is to get the most out of your budget. Or to put it another way, you want the best office coffee experience for your budget, with minimum fuss or maintenance. 

Price is an important factor. But, when an office’s sole focus is on price, it often leaves the important questions overlooked, such as maintenance, response-time, quality products, employee happiness, contracts, aesthetics, and overall customer service. And since many coffee services require a contract, it’s not something one can simply change their mind about. In fact, we think you should almost never sign an office coffee contract.

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So, what are some things that impact the price? Of all the customizable options, these make the biggest impact on the price of office coffee service.

  • Coffee. Most services (us included) carry a range of coffee roasters with varying prices. For example, do you want fresh local coffee, such as Stumptown, Heart, or Nossa Familia? Or do you want mass-produced budget coffee for your office? What impact might that have on your employees? 

  • Equipment. From basic brewers to automatic push-button espresso machines, some coffee services offer quite a few options (us included). Some equipment might come free of charge with the service, like with Belmont, while other services might have a monthly rental. Each coffee service will vary on pricing.

  • Ancillary products: Tea, sugar, dairy, cups, stir sticks, and the list can go on and on! This really comes down to how much an office manager wants to manage break room inventory. A good coffee service can manage everything on your behalf—reliably. 

  • Kegerator and Draft Products: Office Cold Brew, Kombucha, Teas on tap. Do you want your break room to be an experience and a perk for your employees? Or are you just covering the basics?

  • Alcohol: Wine & Beer office delivery. (If you’re office doesn’t have this, you might be thinking “What the heck?” Hey, happy hour is fun.)

If you’re not wanting to comb through too many options, we recommend finding an office coffee service in your area whose focus is customer-happiness. A skilled representative will work to understand what fits the unique needs of your office in the long run. How can you tell if your best interests are being considered?

One sign is, again, contract obligations. We’ve had plenty of calls from office manager wanting to switch over to Belmont, but couldn’t because their current vendor has them under a 3 or even 5 year contract and isn’t doing much to remedy complaints. So, if a service is attempting to lock you into a longterm contract for basic coffee service, it’s justifiable to question why.

A coffee service with a customer-happiness approach will gladly help you adjust items and services as you go in case you feel something isn’t quite right. For example, you might choose to start with the cheapest tea option. Several months later, you learn that there’s a lot more tea-drinkers in your office that might appreciate a slight upgrade to a higher-quality tea. A solid service will make this switch in no time.

So, how exactly do office coffee services price their services?

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How Coffee Service Pricing Works

In general, office coffee services carry a lot of products. Hundreds! So, if you’re asking for pricing in general from an office coffee service, it would be like asking New Seasons or Safeway to just send you general pricing. You’d receive dozens of pages full of items you have no interest in.

So, the first step office coffee services start with is helping you determine which products, services, and equipment are relevant to you. That’s the “Get a Quote” part of the process.

If you’re gathering several quotes, you’ll surely speak to different salespeople with very different styles. Those different styles are often due to the company culture, the systems for their salespeople, and the salesperson. 

At Belmont, the aim of our salespeople is to help you. Really. That’s our system and it’s that simple. Because, it’s possible we might not be a good fit for you and (brace yourself) that’s okay.

By focusing on helping you create the vision of your break room experience, something special happens: 

  1. We get to truly find if we’re a good fit for each other, 

  2. You get the best products that fit specifically your office (each office is different in some regard), 

  3. Which creates a great business relationship with a happy customer, and 

  4. We get to keep enjoying what we’re doing year after year. 

And hey, that’s working wonderfully for all parties involved.

Quick note: If Belmont isn’t available in your area, we recommend searching for a coffee service salesperson who listens to the details, isn’t trying to up-sale you on a bunch of irrelevant stuff, isn’t trying to lock you into contracts, and seems knowledgable about the latest options. (That’s a good place to start.)

In short, office coffee services generally start by having you work with a salesperson (representative) to determine which of their hundreds of options fit your needs. The salesperson then creates a quote for you that won’t overwhelm you with their entire catalogue. After all, finding a coffee service is just one thing on your to-do list. Good help goes a long way.

Oh, what about that ballpark figure?

Sure. We said we’d save you time, so here we go. And since you know it’s a complex question, you’ll understand that with no information from your side, we can only offer a very rough estimate.

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