7 Things Your Boss Wants to Know About Business Coffee Service

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“It’s just office coffee, right?”

Have you heard that one before? What that question brings to mind isn’t about fancy coffee. No, it brings to mind the wasted hours, frustration, complaints from co-workers, and the radio silence many offices get from their current business coffee service.

There are many reasons to get a business coffee service for your office. And there are some reasons not to get one. In this post, we'll be addressing some questions your boss might have about getting or upgrading your Portland business coffee service.


1. Is It Worth It?

This question is really asking, how much is the office manager’s time worth? Because there are 3 scenarios with business coffee service.

Scenario 1.

The office manager handles everything. Using up time and resources to “track down a coffee people will like" or making a trip to Costco or Safeway to haul massive amounts of La Croix cans. We’ve seen it all! 

Scenario 2.

Your company hires an office coffee service that sucks. (To put it bluntly) This leaves the office manager to monitor every step, e.g. products are overstocked, understocked, expired, boring coffee, delivery is late, requests are responded to the next day or worse, and never bothering to introduce something new to you unless forced to. Sure, the office manager isn’t going to Costco, but the company has really just paid for a source of quiet frustration. 

Scenario 3.

Bet you know where this is going—but, you hire a business coffee service, whose sole purpose is customer happiness and peace of mind. No need for a sales pitch, we’re confident on this matter! See: No contracts needed!

So the question isn’t “Is it Worth It?” The question is: “Are there more valuable things for the office manager to tend to?” If so, hire professionals who keep the office excited and feel cared for.


2. How Much Does a Business Coffee Service Cost?

We hate to say that word to such a question, but it’s true. Here are the real questions:
-How much does a bad business coffee service cost? Better be dirt cheap.
-How much does a decent one cost? Hopefully reasonable.
-How about a great one? Surprisingly, around the price of a decent one. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

To be more specific (for your boss), you can get all your delivery, brewers, airpots, maintenance all included for roughly the price of local coffees at retail. Pretty good, huh?


3. It’s just coffee, right? Just get some cheap stuff.

People might not tell the boss, but employees notice these things. If the employees are treated with cheap, second-rate stuff, what would you suppose the employee's impression of their company is? That doesn’t mean champagne on the house every Friday. Though, I'm sure that would be a hit.

Look, think of it this way: The average employee drinks 2 cups of coffee every work day. Every day this drink starts your office’s day. Let that soak in—every single day for years, an employee will start their day with a cup of coffee.

To neglect the way employees start their day is to neglect their day.

And we're often surprised of the price many offices are paying for something they hate. When they can get a service that connects employees with their community, cafes, and co-workers. 


4. What if we find we don’t need it?

Cancel it. Anytime. Easy.
With Belmont Coffee Service there’s no need for contracts. Our job is to keep you happy and excited about your business coffee service. Other services, we can’t speak for. From clients coming over to us, I’ve heard it’s common to have a 1 to 3-year contract! Perplexing.


5. What’s the big deal with it being local coffee? Is it that froufrou stuff?

Coffee is enjoyable. It’s really that simple. If there’s any snobbery around coffee, we’d like to officially end it!

You remember those days back when craft beer was looked at as uppity, froufrou stuff? Well, it turned out everyone came around on that and found those beers were nice to drink. Coffee is the same.

We urge everyone to try a fresh, locally roasted version of what they typically drink. Like dark roast? A supermarket dark roast was possibly roasted months ago. Try a dark roast that was roasted 3 days ago a few blocks away...you'll notice a difference. Just drink it how you like to drink it and don't let anyone tell you different!

Here’s the deal: We have a lot of local roasters in Portland—a lot! This competition has created something special. Right now, Portland is producing some of the best coffee in the nation, and some might say, the world. This fact, might be taken for granted. But, when you have world class roasters who can redefine what coffee means to you, and it can come casually delivered to your office that you sip during a meeting. This is something most people will never get to experience. You can.


6. How do we make the switch? I don’t want any lapses in business coffee service.

We’ll take care of it all!
We make sure you don’t miss a single morning of business coffee service. Setup is quick. And if you’re switching from another service, we have plenty of experience in making the switch simple. Heck, we’ll even unhook your current equipment on their behalf, setup up our new equipment, and you just enjoy. All done.


7. Bonus question for you: How can I convince my boss to upgrade our business coffee service?

Though we don’t know your boss yet, she may be unaware of what your office coffee says about your company. Coffee is the centerpiece of an office break room. Every sip, every meeting, every morning, and late afternoon deadline is joined by coffee. And we’re certain when you make that simple drink special. You can make your office feel the same way.

If your coffee is saying your office doesn't care, check us out. We'll fix you right up. To start, grab a free quote below.

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