6 Signs It’s Time to Upgrade Your Coffee Service Portland Oregon


 With coffee service in Portland, Oregon, we seem to have a leftover culture from the old corporate as-long-as-it-has-caffeine days.

We’re fortunate to live here in Portland where we are surrounded by amazing coffee roasters. We casually grab coffee on the weekend from some of the best roasters in the country—then we spend our work life drinking something we don’t enjoy. Many offices are beginning to see the feelings of pride and happiness a great coffee service Portland Oregon can bring.

Here are 6 few tell-tale signs that it’s time to upgrade your coffee service Portland Oregon.


Employees are wandering several blocks on their breaks to find a good cup only to race back and see their entire break is gone. When you bring a local coffee right in to your office, co-workers tend to gather around the coffee station, hold impromptu meetings, or just enjoy each others’ company. Employees begin to enjoy their breaks as a community or simply getting a chance to watch the rain outside for a few minutes while they sip the latest local roast.


You constantly hear co-workers mentioning how spoiled their friends are who work at other companies–“My friend has Nossa Familia and Sterling Coffee at her office.” We’re always surprised to hear that many offices are simply unaware that they can get great coffee and equipment in their offices.


You don’t have local coffee in those cabinets. Stumptown, Heart Coffee, Water Avenue, Nossa Familia, Happy Cup, are only a handful of of local roasters that work with us to offer the best coffee directly to your office. The quality alone of our local coffee scene is reason enough to explore our roasters.


Your coffee isn’t fresh. With so many local roasters a stones throw from your office, the coffee delivered to your Portland office ought to be fresh—sipped from your work mug as the roaster intended it. That’s another amazing perk of local coffee.


Summer hits. Employees want something to drink, but hot coffee isn’t going to cut it. They’re looking for creative ways to make iced tea, or iced anything! Time to ask, is your current coffee vendor offering you Stumptown cold brew on tap? Or what about Steven Smith sparkling tea on tap? After biking into work on a hot summer day, grabbing a cup and pulling on that Stumptown cold brew tap handle is about as good as it gets.


Your current coffee service isn’t exploring new local roasts. With so many great roasters entering the scene in Portland, and established roasters experimenting, growing, exploring—you should expect the same from your office coffee service.


There you have it. How is your current coffee service Portland Oregon? Here you might just find your favorite cup of coffee you’ve ever had. And we’d like to help you find that cup at work.

If you’d like to find out what we can do for your office, send us a line or upgrade your office coffee today.