The Guide to Portland Office Cold Brew and Kombucha


If you visit the cafes of Portland’s local roasters, I’m sure you’ve been offered cold brew. Heck, maybe you decided to try it. And maybe, just maybe, like many of our clients, you decided you absolutely need this in your office. With these hot summers, we completely understand. This is your guide to office cold brew Portland.

In just a few years, cold brew coffee has gone from a treat to a summertime staple. In usual Portland fashion, the creativity of local roasters, teamakers, and kombucha brewers has brought us amazing options. We here at Belmont Coffee Service, love a happy office, and that’s why we’re bringing office cold brew Portland.

We’ve partnered with Stumptown, Nossa Familia, Portland Roasting, Steven Smith Teamakers, Happy Mountain Kombucha, and Towshend’s to bring the best of summertime drinks to your Portland office on draft and bottles. Like I mentioned, we like a happy office, so we will take care of every detail and all of the equipment so you can sit back, sip cold brew, and smile! With so many great options, where to begin? We put together this little guide to office cold brew Portland to help you navigate the world of craft beverages.

You might ask, “What is cold brew?”

Cold brew is more than cold coffee. How it’s prepared creates an unique drink altogether. Cold brew is fresh coffee brewed without heat for over 12 hours. The process creates a full-bodied, low-acid, rich cold coffee, that brings out the bright and sweet notes of each coffee.

Besides the fact that it’s delicious, “Why should I bring it to my office?”

In this guide to office cold brew Portland

Two reasons:

1. Happy Co-workers: Bringing cold brew in is a simple way to create a happy office. We’ve seen time and time again, the excitement on employees’ faces when we wheel in a kegerator with a beautiful wooden Stumptown tap handle. We commonly hear, “I love working here.” Or, “I swear this company is the best.” What a small thing to do to make employees feel like they’re being taken care of.

2. Productivity: When the summer heat gets you down, cold brew not only makes people happy, but it allows your employees to skip the walk to the cafe in order to track down a drink that isn’t hot coffee or tea.

“Which Cold Brew is Right for Me?”

Our first stop in the guide to office cold brew Portland is the ever popular Stumptown Cold Brew. Stumptown helped to make cold brew a staple here in Portland. If you haven’t tried it: it’s a great place to start. Here’s the basics:

Stumptown Cold Brew

A complex, smooth and full-bodied brew with low-acid and a chocolate finish.

Stumptown is known for using the highest quality coffee, and their cold brew is no exception. After cold brewing, they use a double filtration process to produce three fantastic draft options.

Original: The classic; bright and bold cold brew coffee straight off of draft.
Single Origin: Combining single origin coffee and cold brew processing really makes the brightest and sweetest notes of a coffee shine. Delicious.
Nitro: Cascading and creamy like Guinness, with the bright and bold flavors of Original and a smooth nitro-draft mouthfeel.

Our second stop in the guide to office cold brew Portland is:

Nossa Familia’s Iced Coffee

A truly refreshing, unique take on cold coffee.
Nossa Familia, if you haven’t heard, roasts amazing coffee. Their “Iced Coffee” begins with their signature Full Cycle blend, an amazingly well-balanced coffee. Which, as you can imagine, produces something special. But, we’re not done yet: unlike cold brew, Nossa Familia uses a Japanese-style cold coffee brewing method. First, they hot brew it, then flash chill the coffee. The result is an aromatic and truly refreshing drink. Our third stop in the guide to office cold brew Portland is:

Portland Roasting Nitro Cold Brew

Full, rich, and creamy cold brew.

Portland Roasting starts with a rich blend of coffees from Central America and Asia. The cold brew process brings out notes of sweet black cherry and chocolate. Infused with a touch of nitro adds a full, creamy body and a clean finish. No need to fuss with this cold brew, just pull that tap handle and enjoy.

Our last stop in the guide to office cold brew Portland is:

Steven Smith Teamakers

Sparkling Strawberry Honeybush and Nitro Chai

Brace yourself, this is good.

The people at Steven Smith Teamakers are always up to something great. Their latest creations are two cold draft beverages, so unique and refreshing, I can’t help but recommend you pay them a visit.

Sparkling Strawberry Honeybush Iced Tea is a light and refreshing blend of rooibos and honeybush from South Africa steeped in water that has been infused with whole strawberries and Madagascar vanilla bean, a process they call “fruitsmithing.” Lightly sweet and caffeine free, a perfect option for summer’s day when you’ve had enough caffeine.

Nitro Masala Chai is something special: I mean, when was the last time you had a creamy nitro chai on draft? Prepared with second flush Assam teas with ginger, cassia, black pepper, cloves, and cardamom brewed with fresh ginger and vanilla bean. The nitro lightens this creamy beverage making the spice notes pop. Some love it as it is, some love it with a touch of dairy or substitute. 

Brew Dr. Kombucha

While many kombucha you find on the market add juice while bottling. Brew Dr.'s flavor comes directly from their organic teas and botanicals. This produces a unique, refreshing variety of flavors--flavors that are clearly created with care. Just like with tea, subte notes come forward with each blend. What's most impressive is the variety of flavors they're able to create with this process--all of which are USDA 100% organic, non-gmo, and gluten free. We think you'll taste the difference. We've seen too many people say, "I don't like kombucha," Then after sipping one of our samples, "Well, this...this I like!"